Add Value To Your Project

Specialised Management Competencies

The Davson+Ward project team is equipped with a unique set of specialist skills – project value management, project management, project risk management and quality assurance.

Asset Financial Management Competencies

We provide; feasibility studies, life cycle cost analysis, tax depreciation, special assessments, technical due diligence and compliance issue resolution.

Support Competencies

Computer technology and software services, construction technology, government regulation and law, arbitration, business management and cost information database.


Design Phase Cost Planning

At Davson+Ward we are committed to facilitating the design process through the systematic application of cost measures. This maintains a practical and economic relationship between cost, quality, function and appearance to achieve our client’s requirements within the agreed budget.

Budget Control During Construction

Construction progress valuations and variation assessment are two vital components Davson+Ward provide during the construction of a project. These include a comprehensive analysis of Contractor payments and rigorous negotiation to ensure the project budget is correctly managed and controlled.



Identify the Areas Of Improvement

Our unique services maximise building asset value throughout the life cycle of a building. These include; Depreciation Valuations, Insurance Valuations, Maintenance Cost Planning and Tax Depreciation.

Providing only the best

More Services

Effective cost planning is used to establish a realistic project estimate and ensure the project is steed in accordance with it.

As the eyes and ears for Financiers, our independent and concise reporting ensures our client’s security is preserved, a project is successfully completed and all loans are repaid.

Value management is a vital to any project. Through critical planning and review, its focus is to achieve best value or best value for money.

Assessing value for money, life cycle costing considers all costs associated with the life of a building. From beginning to disposal.

A document prepared by our cost consultant team that provides project specific measured quantities of the items of work identified by tender documentation.

A technical and accurate document that provides tenderers technical and accurate information to tender proposed construction work on.

This involves the managing of project contracts to ensure parties comply and fulfill their contractual obligations.

Our estimating experience allows Davson+Ward to provide an accurate valuation of building and property assets – avoiding over-insurance.

Financial reports are developed through a process of producing statements that disclose a projects financial status to stakeholders.

Maintenance cost planning focuses on the budget responsible for a buildings operational costs. Ensuring a facility is operating

Key for finding thousands of dollars in additional cash flow from your building or property investment. Deductions against taxable income.

Our very own Director, Dominic Ward, introduced tax free distributions of income associated with capital allowances.