Life Cycle Cost Analysis is an effective way to add value to your project. At Davson+Ward our whole life costing approach measures the economic impact over the building’s useful life. Here, informed decisions can be made about the optimal balance between initial capital cost, operation and maintenance costs and end of life cycle costs.

It is most effective to prepare a life cycle costing during initial planning phases, and should be included in the decision making process in design phases. Aspects of the design and construction may be influenced by factors that may not be obvious without an early thorough analysis of life cycle costs.

Our life cycle cost figures are either discounted to the Net Present Value or are escalated to the anticipated future value. Preparation of a life cycle cost analysis includes the following:

  1. – Initial capital cost.
  2. – Energy and water costs.
  3. – Operation, maintenance and repair costs.
  4. – Decommissioning and replacement costs.