Davson+Ward are highly regarded with producing high quality Bills of Quantities that are robust against contractual claims.  By investing in a Davson+Ward prepared bill, it will add value to your project by achieving a better tender result, reducing contractor risk through a guaranteed bill and reductions in resource allocation to tendering. Our value adding is achieved through

  1. – Preparation of a firm Bill of Quantities (BQ) in accordance with the latest AIQS Standard Method of Measurement.
  2. – Trade Preambles – Our BQ trade preambles are of the highest standard, have been developed for over 50 years and are continually evolving to meet current construction systems. Our trade preambles provide a resilient safety net against contractor claims.
  3. – BQ Descriptions – Our experienced team are all well versed in contract administration and constructability alike. The company team understand how contractual claims arise and as a result BQ item descriptions are written with clarity to ensure the contractor understands what is to be included within the item and there is no uncertainty.
  4. – Independent auditing of contract documentation during the documentation phase, identifying potential deficiencies, coordination issues, anomalies and ambiguities.  Feedback will be relayed to the design consultants to amend and improve documentation.
  5. – Providing a mathematical and technical check of the builder’s tender & priced Bill of Quantities and reporting thereon.
  6. – Bill of Quantities alternatives such as Abridged BQ, Provisional BQ’s, Trade Package BQ’s are available.