Who We Are

Davson+Ward was founded in 1948 by Geoffrey Francis Ward. The company was born in Nairobi, Kenya which as a thriving quantity surveying practise opened up offices in Uganda, Tanganyika and Mauritius. In November 1962, Davson+Ward was brought to the shores of Perth, Western Australia establishing the second oldest quantity surveying practise in Western Australia.

The project team at Davson+Ward is comprised of two managing directors, six in house and two external contract quantity surveying staff. Dominic Ward and Neil Charlesworth are the managing directors at Davson+Ward. As a director Dominic follows a ‘hands on approach’, personally involved in the vast majority of projects undertaken by the company. Located in Perth

his primary role is cost planning however, he is also involved in project management, BQ measurement, contract administration, insurance valuations and tax depreciation valuations. Our second director Neil, is the managing director of Davson+Ward’s Albany office. With a particular interest in transport infrastructure. Neil brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in building and civil engineering projects.

Our Quality Management

Davson+Ward is certified by ISO 9001:2008 and externally audited by British Standards International.


To develop a sustainable future, our business strategy recognises the fact that our clients are our future. Our business strategy focuses on providing a service to our clients, which is seen to be among the best in the construction cost management and quantity surveying profession.


Davson+Ward implement the ISO9001 Quality Management system to ensure strategy objectives achieved. The system meets the requirements of the Australian Standard ISO9001 and provides an assurance of quality for clients as their needs and expectations are met.


The Directors and Project Staff at Davson+Ward are committed to the principles of quality and are responsible for ensuring the management system is used as a dynamic tool to continually improve the service provided. We are devoted to always improving the performance of our management system to guarantee a high quality of service.

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Our service offering, dynamic experience and commitment to our clients is what separates us from our competitors.

Dominic Ward
Dominic Ward


Professional Membership

At Davson+Ward all Directors and professional Staff are members of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS).

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